Periphio System Upgrade Paths

Sep 11th 2020

Periphio System Upgrade Paths

DISCLAIMER: Note that performing any unauthorized service to your Periphio system before the warranty expires may void your 1-year warranty, so upgrade and repair at your own risk.

Buying a PC from Periphio is easy and provides you with peace-of-mind and tons of value for your money. But one of the disadvantages of buying pre-built PC’s is oftentimes not knowing how to upgrade them, and not knowing exactly what to upgrade and whether or not it will increase your machine’s performance. This post aims to outline all of the potential ways you could upgrade your specific Periphio system to give it more performance, storage, or memory. I’ll start with what you can upgrade across the board in every Periphio system, and then I’ll dive into processor, memory, and graphics card upgrade options on each individual system.

All Periphio systems have the full range of 2.5” SATA SSD and 3.5” Hard Drive expansion at their disposal, and all of our systems can handle at least 4 storage drives. SATA SSD’s are available in up to 8TB in size, and 3.5” Hard Drives are available in up to 16TB, so you can upgrade the storage to your heart’s content and never really have to worry. All systems also come equipped with 80PLUS Bronze Rated 550W power supplies with 2 8-pin PCI-E power connectors, so you could theoretically pop in up to an RTX 2080Ti, and our power supplies should handle it without issue (although we don’t officially recommend this).


The Portal is built on the Intel 3rd-generation platform and comes configured with 8GB of RAM and a Radeon RX 570 graphics card.

For the processor, you could upgrade to the Intel Core i7-3770 (found in the Periphio Red). These can most easily be found on eBay or AliExpress, although you may be able to find one local to you using apps like OfferUp, LetGo, or marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and should cost around $75.

For the RAM, the Portal comes with a single 8GB stick of DDR3 1600MHz memory, and the motherboards support up to 16GB total. You could add an additional 8GB stick for a total of 16GB, or if your motherboard allows for four sticks, you could add two additional 4GB sticks, or swap out the 8GB stick and get a kit of four 4GB sticks, all to get you up to the maximum of 16GB.

For the graphics card, the strongest card we recommend pairing with this processor is the Nvidia GTX 1660 (Non-Super) or Radeon RX 5500 XT. If you chose to upgrade the processor to the i7-3770, you could consider upgrading to the Nvidia RTX 2060 or the Radeon RX 5700.


The Blue uses the same basic platform (Motherboard, Processor, Memory) as the Portal, but uses the GTX 1650 graphics card instead of the RX 570, so all of the same upgrades you can do to the Portal, you can also do to the Blue.


The Red comes already equipped with the maximum 16GB of RAM for this platform, and the best processor in this generation, the i7-3770, but it comes equipped with GTX 1650 SUPER. If you wanted a graphics card upgrade, you could upgrade to the Nvidia RTX 2060 or the Radeon RX 5700.


The Phantom is the pinnacle of what Periphio can achieve with the Ivy Bridge platform. It already comes equipped with the i7-3770 and the 16GB of RAM, but this time comes with the much more powerful GTX 1660 SUPER graphics card. Again, since this system is virtually the same as the Red, but with a GPU upgrade and different case, the maximum GPU upgrade we would recommend would be the Nvidia RTX 2060 or the Radeon RX 5700.


The Spectre is in a class all on its own. The Periphio Spectre comes equipped with the 4th generation Intel Core i7-4790, 32GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM, and the GTX 1660 SUPER graphics card. This machine is at its maximum processor and memory upgrades, but you could upgrade the graphics card all the way up to the RTX 2070, and possibly even higher if you plan to play games at 1440P or 4K resolution.

Board Replacement Upgrades

If you’re looking for significantly more CPU performance and want to replace your processor with a new, current-generation part, all of our systems’ motherboards could be swapped out. Keep in mind, if you’re looking to do this upgrade, you will need to replace your CPU, Motherboard, and RAM all at one time. Trying to piece together this upgrade will render your system useless until it’s done, and that’s never fun.

Again, for all of these systems, the sky is truly the limit in terms of upgradability if you’re willing to replace the Processor, Memory, and Motherboard simultaneously. A popular upgrade that we would recommend would be upgrading to the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor and pairing it with a B450 Motherboard and 16GB of DDR4 memory. This combo can be had for right around $300 and is a great upgrade to any Periphio system to increase processor performance to enable heavy multitasking, 4K video editing, and streaming. If you’re on an even tighter budget, try looking at the used market for AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or 2600 processors and A320 motherboards. This combo with 8GB of RAM should be able to be purchased for around $180-200 and should get you in the door to allow more upgradeability in the future.


When reading this, keep in mind that the stated upgrades are the greatest we recommend going with or the maximum that’s supported, but there may be many options in-between those two points that will net you solid performance increases. You could also decide to upgrade your GPU well beyond what we recommend, but you may experience what’s known as a bottleneck in your system, or a point where one component holds back the performance of another. For example, if you decided to put an Nvidia RTX 2080Ti, the most powerful consumer GPU on the market right now, into the Portal, you would likely see a severe CPU bottleneck in many games. This varies game-by-game, though, and also is less apparent when you turn the resolution up to higher settings like 1440p or 4K.

If you need any help picking parts to upgrade your Periphio system, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide you with links to purchase those items along with links to guides we feel will be helpful in performing the upgrade if you’ve never done it before. Again, please note that performing any unauthorized service to your Periphio system before the warranty expires makes may void your system’s warranty, so upgrade and repair at your own risk.

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