Periphio is a unique PC Gaming company, run by gamers, and built around the simple idea of building the best gaming computers. Our parent company, Blair Technology Group, is the world’s largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, and from that, we have access to premier production technology and assets. We build cutting-edge, brand-new computers that provide the latest and greatest gaming experience, as well as Hybrid gaming systems that use a blend of repurposed and new hardware to maximize your dollar; all while offering an incredible entry point into the PC gaming space!

The Four Pillars of Periphio:

Performance Oriented - We take our time with each Gaming PC we build, and pour hours of research and development into each series we launch. No bottlenecks, and no diminishing returns. We also take no shortcuts, ensuring each one is set up in dual channel RAM, any BIOS updates have been done, each configuration has the optimal cooling setup, XMP (or OCP) is enabled, and your PC has clean cable management.

Transparency - Periphio is doubly unique in the PC Building space from the level of transparency we offer. As opposed to aggregating data from across the web with unverified results, we test every configuration we sell in-house, record the results, and post the videos on YouTube and our website. Each system we sell includes a spec sheet that details the PC gaming experience, the settings we used, and the frames you can expect. Periphio offers unmatched product transparency.

Reliability - One of the many benefits Periphio receives from the world’s largest MAR is access to stress testing technologies and software. Periphio tests every system we sell to the fullest, running multiple stress tests, and putting every piece of hardware through the ringer. If the hardware doesn’t pass our test, it is replaced and retested.

Sustainability - Being environmentally responsible is a core component of how Periphio thinks about our business. Our Hybrid line uses repurposed hardware from PCs that would otherwise be unnecessarily scrapped. Keeping them out of landfills and using them as high-quality gaming PCs allows Periphio to play a part in keeping our planet cleaner while offering incredible value to our customers!

Whether it's a hybrid or brand new gaming PC, every system from Periphio is thoughtfully designed, from the case it’s in, to the hardware that powers your gaming, and every PC from Periphio includes the added confidence of a full system warranty, tech support, and money-back guarantee!

Built with passion and care, join the thousands of others that trust Periphio as “Your Path to PC Gaming”