Periphio is a premium gaming brand focused on maximizing your spending power without compromising performance. Founded in 2019, Periphio takes a different approach to PC Gaming by focusing on in-game performance rather than an arbitrary spec sheet.

Periphio was born of a desire to pave new pathways to PC gaming - we responsibly re-use viable components (to drive down the cost of entry to console-level-pricing; and because it’s better for the environment) alongside new, powerful PC gaming hardware in an effort to create great and affordable options for those who want a prebuilt machine that does everything they need and more. To this end, we’ve opted to build a few differently-configured models, which are all held to higher standards than we’d be able to achieve with a wider variety of configurations.

Our beginning has been humble, but our mission is monolithic. If you want to tag along on our journey, be sure to follow our page (@periphiogaming) on any major social platform for company updates and product announcements!

We’re proud to be #yourpathtogaming.